Someone who believes that they are of a demonic animal creature (of any species), or simply an animal with demonic thoughts. They often have tendencies to make animal-like sounds such as growling, barking, snarling, hissing, etc. Most of the time they will tend to be hostile, agressive, socially awkward, or withdrawn from other people and enjoy keeping to themselves or otherkin. They have a dark set of mind dimilar to that of a demon's and might have an urge to get involved in violence. Though they might not always take action on violence, they sometimes will. Often, they will feel drawn to the wild and perhaps actually want to live there or run away. Depending on the animal species, they perhaps will feel the need to form 'groups/packs/prides/clans/tribes' with otherkin that are like them, or be a more solitary person. To put an Animal-Demon-Kin into more specific categories, here are some examples:

• Wolf-Demon-Kin

• Cat-Demon-Kin

• Dragon-Demon-Kin

• Etc...

It can also be written as Animal-Demonkin, Wolf-Demonkin, Cat-Demonkin, etc.