Celestials, or celestialkin are people who believe they are a "higher entity" or being, and feel a deep resonance and connection with the cosmos and everything around them. People have described feeling ethereal and "out of this world".

Celestials are similar to Angelkin and Galaxykin but not quite.

Celestial Otherkin

  • One of the most common types of Otherkin, Celestials are beings from "up there," meaning the stars, cosmos, or other plane seen as being of the stars or "above" earth such as heaven
  • The one thing all celestials have in common, however, is that they are energetic beings.

Types of Celestials

  • Beings from the stars, cosmos, or sky
  • Angels
  • Generally, energetic beings from "up there"


Since they are energetic beings, celestials may wield considerable power. However, that's not to say all of them do. One thing is for certain, however-when incarnated they are bound to the abilities held by the race they are incarnated as. Celestial otherkin are not capable of anything that any other human being is not.


Celestials may incarnate, meaning take a physical form that they act as a "soul" for. This often leaves the incarnated celestial at an energetic deficit, and they will demonstrate vampiric tendencies, most often as psychic vampires. However, some celestial otherkin still run on an energy surplus, a condition usually referred to as being a generator (someone who puts out more energy than they take in). It is also generally believed, that to remove these wards and binds entirely would lead to the death of the incarnated celestial's physical form and their release from a physical existance. However, it is also believed that to do this, if it's even possible, would lead to a subsequent incarnation as beings don't usually incarnate for no reason at all.