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Conceptkin flag according to Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags[1]


Alternative conceptkin flag according to @divine_skyline[2]


Conceptkin Flag created by Jeb_CC[3] (2022)

Conceptkin is a subcategory of otherkin wherein an individual identifies as an abstract concept of some variation.[4] Experiences of someone who identifies as a concept are varied and often are difficult to understand, even between conceptkin. Identifying as a concept could include, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying as a collection of ideas, a theory, an aesthetic, or an aura.[5]
  •  Spiritually believing one's soul is enveloped by the concept they identify as/with (feeling as if they are the embodiment of the concept, feeling as if their soul is the concept, feeling as if they just are
  •   Believing one is a descendant or embodiment of a concept revolving spiritual being/deities
  • Having such a strong connection with said concept that one identifies with said concept (Otherhearted/kith)
  • Identifying as the ‘energy’ surrounding a concept


Due to interpretation and the abstract nature of this kintype, one’s experience with this identity may not fit the description of another conceptkin or the description of conceptkin. The experiences of conceptkin are extremely different, even with the same general kintype. This kintype is extremely open ended, making all experiences extremely unique to each individual. “ Like how one is a species, I am the void. I feel as if I am and will be the void as it's simply part of me. I think it's partly due to my trauma that I am involuntarily the void, but the simple fact is that it isn't a past life, I just am."[6] states a voidkin on a Debate/Discourse Tumblr blog.


Those that identify as conceptkin tend to use sub-labels to further explain their identity. Some subcategories of conceptkin include but are not limited to: Elementals or Elementkin, Celestials or Celestialkin , Forestkin, Nightkin, Oceankin, Spacekin, Shadowkin, Shapekin, Artkin, Nightkin, etc (Not all possible kins are listed above.) Some may not use a sublabel to describe their experience due to the limiting factor labels hold. “Unlike many kintypes, the conceptkin cannot easily be quantified with words due to its inherently...vague, fluid nature. For example, a fox can objectively be defined as a fox, but what exactly defines something like romance? Or Chaos?”[7] describes conceptkin Yi Sang from the social platform spacehey. Conceptkin identify as a concept itself, however, instead of feeling phantom limb shifts or sensory shifts, conceptkin may feel emotional and psychological shifts associated with their kintype. [8]

Because concepts are considered non-sentient (without sensation or feeling), these kintypes can sometimes be mistaken as objectkin. While both refer to non-sentient nouns or objects, objectkin is generally more physical and aligned to an object, whereas a conceptkin can envelop many objects and ideas.[8] Individuals with certain kins may associate their kin with a concept; having the concept integrated into their kintype. For example, merfolk may associate their kin with the concept of oceans or sea due to the connection merfolk have with bodies of water.[9] Not all individuals relate their kintype(s) to a concept.

Other Information[]

Conceptkin also acknowledge great relief when in the company of their kintype, for example - a rainkin standing in the rain. This is not to be confused with general euphoria, as these occurrences are usually accompanied with a sense of belonging and safety. [8] Conceptkin may find comfort in aesthetics, clothing, items, or activities and events relating to their kintype. Conceptkin may also decorate personal spaces to echo their kintype. For example, a firekin individual may decorate their comfort space in firey colors and use a flickering light source such as fairy lights for candles.

This was written by a conceptkin! Due to the wide variety of experiences revolving this label, some information may change or not match one’s personal experience. If you would like to add your personal experience or information, feel free to do so. This information may change with time.