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The Copinglink flag

Copinglink flag

The secondary copinglink flag.

A copinglink (sometimes shortened to c'link) is a type of otherlink adopted as a coping mechanism for trauma, stress, mental illness, or any other ailment.[1] Someone who has a c'link is referred to as a copinglinker or a c'linker.

It is possible to drop a c'link if one does not need or want it anymore. It's also possible that the c'link will fade on its own. In rare cases, a c'link may become a permanent identity, whether by choice or involuntarily. In these cases, one may identify as choicekin, otherfix/otherspin, linker-turned-kin, or otherkin.


The copinglink flag was made by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags on November 5, 2016.[2] The flag's meaning is currently unknown.

Secondary copinglink flag was created by an unknown user, and was uploaded to the wiki by FeralOpposumBoy.


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