Demonkin are those who identify as a demon or demon like entity. Demonkin can be a myriad of different demons.


Among the community there are different views of what Demons are. Some people believe Demons are dark-aligned, and some believe they are chaos-aligned. Demonkin are from places besides hell. Sometimes Fallen Angels might identify as Demons, but they aren't necessarily Demons at all. They are simply misinformed.  Demons are not fallen angels. Here are some links for more information below;

A link to the Demonkin Primer :

A link to the Demonkin Community FaceBook Group:

A link to forums with a demonkin section in the otherkin and therians section:

A link on the differences between demons and hellions:

Demonkin History

There have always been demonkin around. However they tend to be rare and few compared to everything else but they have always existed. They are varied and have come from all kinds of places, and are a myriad of types.

However, most demonkin stayed solo, or only hung around in small 2-3 person groups. Never forming a real community. They stayed in the other communities watching, helping now and then and at times causing chaos.

Damien also known as DarkAngelDamien, observed this pattern and how hard the road was to figuring out if one was demonkin or not. So he started the first true demonkin community. He established the (now defunct) site called to be the home for various Otherkin including demonkin. He had been helping demonkin find through their awakening and various other issues but community involvement was still sporadic back then.

However, it wasn't until 2012, when he established the Demonkin group on FB did the Demonkin pull together as a group and established themselves as a community. He then wrote a primer to help other struggling demonkin be able to find themselves and make their walk less hard and confusing. From there he has done various other articles. He has helped a lot of various otherkin and Demonkin since then, which established him as the first ArchDuke of the Demonkin.

Personality trait

While most of them tend to have the following personality traits please consider there are many different.

  1. Their emotions tend to be on a different spectrum than all other types of people and kin on the planet.
  2. They are very stubborn when they set their mind to something.
  3. They have a very strong sense of morals and ethics, though the morals

and ethics are different than what most would consider such.

  1. Other Traits can be found at the Demonkin Primer:

Types of Demons

There are many many types of Demonkin. There is no set type or common type.