Demonkin are those who identify as a demon or demon-like being. Demonkin can be of many different kinds of demons, devils, or hybrids, including half-demons, tieflings, and demon animals. Demonkin may be from places other than Hell or separate from Abrahamic demons entirely. Sometimes fallen angels might identify as demons. but not all demons are fallen angels.

Demonkin are not inherently evil or chaotic, though they may have been when they were a demon. Demons have very diverse appearances, ranging from animals to humans with animal features to normal people to terrifying creatures. Demonkin may experience phantom sensations of horns, tails, sharp teeth and claws, or other body parts associated with their kintype's form.

Demonkin may find more comfort in alternative scenes such as punk, goth, emo, scene, etc. They tend to gravitate towards "scary" alternative groups, music, and aesthetics, but there is no hard rule that a demonkin has to be goth and wear black and red and spikes and chains and leather to be a demonkin.

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