Dingokin is a subcategory of Otherkin wherein an individual identifies as or with dingoes. Identifying as a dingo could include, but not be limited to, spiritually believing you have the soul of a dingo or were reincarnated into a dingo in a past life, identifying as a dingo to cope with mental illnesses, or believing you aren't inherently human. Dingokin may feel supernumerary phantom limbs relating to their kintype, such as the feeling of a "phantom" or "astral" muzzle, paws, ears, tail, or other body parts dingoes may have.

Dingokin may find comfort in activities or behavior that dingoes take part in. Dingoes in the wild live in packs, composed of a monogomous pair of parents and their offspring. Dingokin may substitute this familial unit with a heirarchy similar to the myth of wolf pack heirarchies[1], with an individual or pair of people acting as the "alphas", with packmates ranking into "betas", "gammas", "deltas", and "omegas". Dingoes are scavengers and carnivores, so dingokin may occasionally or specifically eat meat to feel more comfortable with their kintype. They may howl, bark, or vocalize in other ways similar to dingoes[2].

There are three subspecies of dingoes; alpine dingoes, desert dingoes, and northern dingoes. The alpine subspecies is larger with a thick double coat. Desert dingoes are more compact and smaller, and also have a double coat. Northern dingoes are lean and lack the double coat of the other two subspecies[3]. Dingoes come in 3 main colors; ginger, pale cream, and black with tan markings[4].

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