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A person who identifies as Gnarp gnarpkin is a person who identifies as an alien cat creature called a Gnarp Gnarp. Created as a meme, people didn’t really recognize this as an identity at first. The creator of this page identifies as this identity, where they feel their identity is that of the fictional creature called a gnarp gnarp. It is very similar to a fictionkin identity called Gnarpykin, the only difference being that Gnarpy is a character from the game Regretevator that is a Gnarp Gnarp xemself.

Though this isn’t exactly an official identity, people still identify as this creature to explain their identity, feeling they are like one of the Gnarp Gnarp critters themselves.


The word “Gnarp Gnarp” is a word coined from a meme, in which someone edited a cat to be green with the caption “Boy, why you so Gnarp Gnarp?”. After this meme was posted, some people started to feel as if they identified as the creature.

Some people who identify as alien catkin are very similar to people who identify as Gnarp Gnarpkin.

Gnarp Gnarpkin is a valid identity to use.


The community of this is very, very small as few people identify as this, so not enough information is available as needed to describe the community or the history of it.


The word “Gnarp Gnarpkin” describes somebody who identifies as a gnarp gnarp in all ways except physical. This can mean psychologically or spiritually. The word “Gnarp Gnarp” came from the meme mentioned earlier, describing what “alien noises” sound like.