Godkin, also called deitykin or divinekin, are otherkin who identify as a divine being, god, or deity. Whether this is a deity that is widely worshipped, such as the Greek god Zeus or the Norse god Thor, or a lesser known deity from a dead or small religion, such as the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, a deity from a work of fiction such like Skyrim's Deadric princes, or even a deity unknown to others and only recognized by the godkin themself. Gods are very diverse, ranging from the singular Abrahamic God and his monotheistic religions, recognized as the sole creator of all things, to the many polytheistic religions with small or large pantheons with many many gods of all different things.

If you are having trouble narrowing a godkintype down, consider what symbols seem to resonate with your kintype. Do you feel a connection to crops, gardens, harvests, fields, or other things related to agriculture? You may be a god of grain or harvests, like the Greek goddess Demeter or her Roman counterpart Ceres. Do you feel a connection to the power of frost, cold, winter, snow, ice, tundras, or other things related to the cold? Consider looking into gods of winter or the northern wind, like the Greek god Boreas. Start with intuition, what you feel a connection to, and research something like "harvest deities" or "gods of grain".

As godkin are very diverse, it can be difficult to narrow down what might be universally comforting to them as a group. Some godkin make altars for themselves, whether a physical one on a table or desk or a digital one like a dedicated blog or webpage. It also may help to decorate your room with symbols of yourself, such as dried herbs and fruit, a bouquet of dried grass, and potpourri and other autumnal things if you are a harvest deity. Other gods might have specific symbols, such as Peacocks for the Greek goddess Hera. Consider adding accessories or even whole pieces of clothing that reflect the symbols or color of your godkin.

Godkin may also find joy in games like The Sims, Universe Simulator, or another game where they have control over worlds or universes.

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