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The otherkin symbol, a seven pointed star (sometimes called the elven or fairy star).

Otherkin (sometimes called "otherkind") are those who identify in some nonphysical way as nonhuman or not fully human. This identity is often considered to be involuntary.

What you identify as is called a kintype. Examples of common kintypes include elves, demons, fae, dragons, angels, however any species is possible..

Some may consider therians to be a sub type of otherkin as they use otherkin as an umbrella term for nonhuman identities, but others consider them to be separate entirely. Someone who identifies as a wolf might call themselves a wolf therian, wolfkin or both, and sometimes wolfkin is used to refer to wolves that have traits not found with Earth's wolves (wings, unnatural colors, and so on). Someone can also be both otherkin and therian, for example; a demonkin could also be wolf therian through having multiple kintypes.

People may have different beliefs about what causes their otherkinity. Someone may explain their experiences in various ways including through reincarnation, walk-in events, brain wiring, an unconscious coping mechanism, and many more. Some may believe their soul is a mixture of more than one species and others may have more than one kintype.

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