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This page is a listing of articles which people have requested be created. If you'd like to request something be added to this list, please use the talk page. If you'd like to pick an article to create, go ahead!

Wanted articles

  • alt.fan.dragons - the usenet community that spawned the dragon community
  • alt.horror.werewolves - the usenet community that spawned the therian/were community
  • Elenari - a community of space elves that share a specific culture and memories of homeworlds
  • The Elfinkind Digest - the mailing list that spawned the otherkin community
  • The Silver Elves
  • Noema - intrinsic knowledge about one's phenotype which may be memory-like

Article drafts

These are article draft which people are currently working on. If you've created a draft and you're happy for other people to contribute to it, let us know on the talk page and we'll include it on the list.

Material needed

These are articles which we feel should be notable, but we're unable to find sufficient sources for them. If something you know about is on this list, please consider it a prompt to create something about the topic! We'd love to see personal essays, opinion pieces, surveys, research projects, videos, podcasts, or any other kind of in-depth coverage.