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Exclamation yellow flat icon These guidelines are provisional. We're still working on finalizing them, but you can still use them to guide your editing in the meantime. If you have any questions or comments about them, please feel free to leave them on the relevant post here.

In order to make sure our articles are as useful to readers as possible, we need to have some rules on what's actually relevant to our purposes. Relevance is determined by two things: scope and notability. Think of it like picking berries - the scope is what kind of berries we're looking for, and notability is how we decide which ones are juicy enough to pick.

What's the scope of this wiki?

The otherkin wiki is, of course, for topics related to otherkin. A topic might be related enough to count if:

  • it's a community with a shared history, culture, or other significant overlap with or impact on the otherkin community
  • it's an experience, phenomenon or topic that otherkin have frequently discussed
  • it's an issue which impacts otherkin, or intersects with the otherkin experience, in a unique way

Because of the interrelatedness of the communities, a lot of other alterhuman identities and topics will also count by these criteria.

What topics are notable enough?

A topic is usually notable if we can find:

  1.   three high quality sources,
  2.   from different authors,
  3.   in which the topic is the primary focus,
  4.   and which treat it with some depth.

By following these guidelines, we can make sure that our articles are representative of the whole community, not just one person's opinions. We can make sure that the information is unique to this topic, and not just a repeat of information on another page. And, we can make sure that the information is detailed enough to be useful, not just superficial or self-evident statements.

Additionally, topics should be things we expect to be relevant for a long time. Discourse can rapidly evolve in the otherkin and alterhuman communities, and things which seem like a really big deal right now may be forgotten in a few months' time. If you're not sure whether a topic that's currently popular will stick around, it may be best to wait and come back later.

On the other hand, sometimes genuinely notable subjects just don't have that much written about them! If there's a topic which you feel should be notable but you're having trouble finding sources for it, consider asking about it on the Article requests page, and it may be added to the 'Materials needed' section. if there aren't enough sources to create an article about your kintype, for example, then consider that a call to make some thoughtful content about it, and encourage others who share it to do the same!

Also, bear in mind, if a term isn't notable enough on its own, it may still be suitable for inclusion as part of another page!

Notability guidelines for people

There are some extra guidelines to consider for deciding whether specific people are notable. Many of us will have different opinions on who the "big names" of the otherkin and alterhuman communities are. When it comes to inclusion on this wiki, we hold a pretty high standard both for quality and privacy reasons. A person might be considered notable enough for inclusion if they:

  • have gained attention for representing alterhumanity outside of the community - they've appeared on TV or been in the news; they've published a book about alterhumanity that has become well known; or they do some other kind of advocacy work.
  • are the creator of a significant work or body of work, or have otherwise made a widely recognized contribution that is part of the enduring historical and cultural legacy of the communities.

A person is not notable just for having written a lot, or for having been in the community for a long time, or for having a lot of followers on social media.

These notability guidelines apply to people who are currently living, as well as people who are dead. However, when it comes to currently living people, determining whether they're notable is only the first step in creating an article about them. To protect people's privacy and dignity, we have strict standards that should be adhered to. Please do not create articles on living people without following the correct procedure.