Species dysphoria is the name for the experience of being uncomfortable with your body due to your kintype/s. Not every otherkin feels species dysphoria, though most otherkin feel it to some degree. It may accompany "astral limbs"/supernumerary phantom limbs. An otherkin experiencing species dysphoria may feel trapped, "wrong", broke, confused, panicked, anxious, frustrated, or any other number of negative emotions. Species dysphoric episodes may be triggered by many things, but common triggers include experiencing trolls making fun of a kintype or source, experiencing or watching a kintype being harmed/hurt/dying, being unable to properly express a kintype, or being seperated/distant from things relating to a kintype.

Coping With Species Dysphoria

There are several ways one can deal with species dysphoria. The immediate answer but unlikely solution would be to express that kintype, openly or secretly, though not everyone is able to do this at a time of a dysphoric episode. Other solutions include dressing up in an outfit based on the kintype (a foxkin may dress in orange with black gloves and boots, for example), accessorizing with kintype related items (fictionkin may wear merch of their source, wolfkin may wear tails, catkin may wear ear headbands, etc), decorating your room/home to imitate yout kintype's environment (making a "nest" of blankets, a vulturekin may decorate with bones/skulls, plantkin may keep potted plants/a garden, etc), or themed self-care (bath bombs with specific scents/colors, aromatherapy with specific scents, etc).

Everyone deals with species dysphoria differently. What works for one otherkin may not work for another. If you are dealing with species dysphoria, it may be detrimental to your mental health.